Great partners bring great possibilities.

We work with partners to bring molecular sensing and diagnostics closer to the Point of NeedTM.

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how we partner

Every Alveo partnership is unique, but we typically work with organizations in one of two ways:

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Supported Partnership

Alveo performs the entire process with market and technical domain expertise from the partner. The partner and Alveo then co-commercialize.
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Self Sufficient Partnership

The partner performs research and development, with be.well™ expertise from Alveo. The partner and Alveo then co-commercialize.

Alveo’s mission to enable earlier detection of pathogens at the point-of-need has sparked collaborations with companies in multiple industries.

Corteva Agriscience™ is the only major agriscience company completely dedicated to agriculture. In Collaboration with Alveo, Corteva scientists aim to design crop-specific assays to detect pathogens and bring actionable insights and solutions to farmers where and when they need them most.
In collaboration with Alveo, Barbados’ top scientists and life sciences industry leaders are designing new assays in the areas of infectious disease, agriculture, veterinary, food, medicine and aquaculture testing.
Fraunhofer is a top research organization in Germany, prioritizing key technologies and commercializing findings to drive innovation. Alveo partners with Fraunhofer for veterinary research.
An Italian biotechnology company specializing in innovative laboratory diagnostics, Alifax conducted an external validation of the be.well™ COVID-19 test.
In collaboration with Alveo, x-OvO, Royal GD, and Pharmsure International Ltd. are developing a groundbreaking Avian Influenza molecular test for poultry. The test can accurately diagnose and track avian flu outbreaks across all relevant strains in real time.
How it works

The following phases encompass an Alveo partnership:

Phase 1
Define market and product requirements and establish a product development timeline.
Phase 2
Primer & Assay Optimization
Begin assay development with primer screening and formulation testing.
Phase 2A
Cartridge Optimization
Transfer the assay to the be.well™ Cartridge, where it is optimized and validated through testing facilitated by our enablement software.
Phase 3
Document the design, complete software development, and finalize plans for design verification and validation testing.
Phase 4
Verification & Validation
Complete required testing.
Phase 5
Design Transfer
Finalize translation of device design into production specifications, and prepare for product launch.

Become a Partner.

Alveo believes that industry leaders should drive the expansion of testing in their respective fields to directly address their greatest needs. We invite companies whose expertise, market reach and customer insights extend beyond Alveo.

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