Alveo Sense

Expanding access to early detection across industry sectors and pathogen types.

From animal and environmental health to agriculture and food safety, our technology is putting the power of early detection in the hands of people working across industries and regions.

Alveo Sense is our solution for partners seeking to co-develop assays on our open platform.

Our patented loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) test is made portable with the use of direct electrical impedance sensing, and can support testing across viral, bacterial, or fungal pathogen types.

Animal Health
Agricultural Yield
Water & Sanitization
Food Safety

Globally, we lose 17-30% of the five major food crops each year to plant pathogens1.

With the planet poised to add another 2 billion people, we must find creative ways to increase crop yields and reduce food insecurity.

1  Molecular Approaches for Low-Cost Point-of Care Pathogen Detection in Agriculture and Forestry, 2020.


In 2020, The Institute for Supply Management found that nearly 75% of companies reported supply chain disruptions due to COVID-192.

2 ISM. COVID-19's Global Impact on Supply Chains. Updated, 2021.


In the United States alone, the recent outbreak of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) has affected over 90 million birds thus far.3

To prevent further spread, we must work across sectors to better prepare and respond to outbreaks.

3 APHIS, Confirmations of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in Commercial and Backyard Flocks, 2024.

Built for Point of NeedTM Detection
We evaluated our device's ruggedness within our internal research & development lab and at a third-party testing facility to understand the limits as we take our handheld device out of the lab and into the field.

Innovating solutions across industries

Alveo's open platform enables collaborative partnerships that pave the way for innovative assay development across pathogens and industries

Animal Health

veterinary / Companion Animal  /  Livestock

Whether for livestock or companion animals, Alveo’s platform supports point-of-need testing of animals from sample collection to results in real time, enabling remedial action to be taken at once. This can eliminate delay, reduce costs and reduce overall veterinary efforts.

  • Companion animal guardians gain peace-of-mind knowing their pets are receiving the most timely care.
  • Shelters and rescue groups can act quickly to quarantine infected animals and preserve the health of healthy animals.
  • Livestock producers gain confidence they are doing everything possible to limit disease spread and maintain quality and health of livestock and the food chain.


Crop  /  Soil

Modern agriculture relies on the ability to detect and combat toxins, pests and disease early in the farming cycle to maintain and produce yields. Our platform allows growers to sample crops more efficiently and conveniently, improving surveillance and early detection of pathogens that pose the greatest threats.

  • Crop farmers can have certainty from testing soil and treating where necessary, prior to planting.
  • For row and specialty-crop farmers, pathogens can be confirmed or ruled out to allow for prompt effective treatment, and avoid costly unnecessary actions.


Water  /  Soil

Environmental testing is crucial to protecting public health and securing the food supply globally. Alveo’s platform allows for fast, accurate testing in the remote settings needed to properly asses our environment - the watershed, rivers, lakes, reservoirs and oceans, as well the field, farm and pasture.

  • Watershed managers need to know quickly when bacteria are beyond safe levels, so they can act to limit disease transmission to constituents.
  • Recreational water stewards routinely test to ensure water activities are safe, and need to limit public access quickly when water is unsafe.
  • Farmers test soil prior to planting and even during cultivation to reduce risk and improve yields in their crops.

Food & Beverage

Food Safety /  Manufacturing /  Water

In modern industrial-scale food and beverage production, rigorous contaminant testing is prudent and mostly regulated. Accurate, on-the-spot testing using Alveo’s platform offers producers time and cost savings by minimizing disruption to production systems.

  • Food inputs can be tested and immediately excluded from the processing system reducing delay and lowering risk of downstream contamination.
  • Beverage producers can assess production batches for contamination at every step, discarding contaminated inputs and improving outputs.

Our growing network of partnerships is advancing product development on our open-source platform.

Propelling access to rapid, point-of-need molecular detection beyond healthcare to enable better outcomes across industries, regions and communities. 

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