Advancing the impact of molecular testing and diagnostics

We’re on a mission to use our open, accessible, and actionable molecular detection platform to detect pathogens before they spread.

The Alveo platform brings molecular detection out of the lab and into the field.

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Affordable & Accessible
Accurate, Rapid Results
Handheld & Portable
Cloud-Connected & Secure
Multiplex Capable
Simple & Easy to Use

In an increasingly interconnected world, early detection of pathogens is crucial for both people and industries

Three out of four new or emerging infectious diseases in people come from animals.

Rapid detection leads to earlier insight into pathogen spread can support efforts to secure global health and prevent future pandemics.

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Get to know the Alveo Platform

Harnessing the power of our molecular detection platform, Alveo enables pathogen detection for a growing number of fields precisely when — and where — it matters most.

Healthcare Accessibilty
Pandemic Prevention
Agricultural Yield
Water & Sanitation
Food Safety

Alveo operations are certified to the ISO13485 standard and the be.well™ platform has achieved a CE mark for commercial use in Europe.

In Vitro Devices (IVD) certified for the commercialization in European Union

ISO certification for the design, development, and manufacture of in vitro diagnostic kits and analyzers for the detection of infectious disease

Winner: XPRIZE Grand Prize for Rapid Covid testing