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Alveo's Portable, Rapid Molecular Diagnostic Platform Proves Unshakable in Rigorous Ruggedness Tests

June 18, 2024
Alveo's Portable, Rapid Molecular Diagnostic Platform Proves Unshakable in Rigorous Ruggedness Tests

Alameda, Calif. – June 18, 2024 – Alveo Technologies, Inc. (Alveo), a leader in molecular sensing and diagnostics with its proprietary technology platform, today announced the results of rigorous testing that demonstrate the ruggedness of its portable molecular testing platform. Whether it fell from a significant height, endured temperature and humidity extremes, or was subjected to jarring vibrations that mimic vehicle transportation of virtually any type — the device continued to complete tests and produce accurate results.

Alveo’s platform has been designed to provide accurate, rapid test results at the point of need. The company tested its platform to demonstrate that it can perform reliably in harsh, real-world conditions, where markets, applications and use cases previously did not exist due to this unmet market need and requirement. 

Specifically, the Alveo platform underwent the following tests:

Environmental resilience: The device was placed in controlled chambers at 5 degrees Celsius and 40 degrees Celsius at up to 95% humidity for 24 hours.

Movement and vibration: At a third-party facility, the platform was subjected to constant motion and vibration for nearly four hours (233 minutes and 34 seconds), simulating what the device would experience in the back of a moving delivery truck.

Drop testing: The device was dropped from up to 1 meter in height onto a hardwood board.

Cleaning: The analyzer was wiped down 100s of times with five different common disinfectants, including commercial bleach, isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.

The results demonstrate that the Alveo platform can accurately perform tests in the field, under the most extreme of conditions. In the environmental resilience, drop, and cleaning tests, the device completed tests with 100% accuracy, and in the movement and vibration test, it also performed at 100% accuracy when the LED was facing up. When the LED was facing down during the vibration and movement test, it completed tests with 94% accuracy.  The company is actively working on its next-generation platform, enabling 360-degree capability with 100% accuracy.

“These tests thoroughly demonstrate our platform’s ability to provide consistent performance at the point of need, whether testing takes place in fields, on farms and in animal pens, remote locations, disaster zones, and beyond,” said Shaun Holt, CEO at Alveo. “Our rugged design and innovative molecular detection technology make it possible for healthcare providers, veterinarians, growers, and public health officials to obtain rapid, accurate results at the point of need, enabling them to take immediate action to treat and contain diseases, bacteria, fungi, and other contaminants. Alveo is leading the way by delivering a system that works in harsh environments where fast, easy testing without compromise is needed most.  This study verifies that we can produce PCR-like results for a whole new set of applications, use cases, and a much broader user base than traditional molecular diagnostic methods.”

For more information on how the Alveo platform performed during ruggedness testing, read the full report: Built for Point of Need™ Detection: Ruggedness Testing of the Alveo Analyzer  

About Alveo  
Alveo is the first company to make molecular detection and diagnostics universally accessible – on the farm, in the field, in the clinic, or in the manufacturing plant – helping prevent or significantly limit the destructive impact of viruses, fungi, bacteria, and other pathogens by detecting earlier at the Point of Need™. Alveo’s rugged and portable, multiplex-capable diagnostic platform employs a patented method of direct electrical sensing of nucleic acid amplification to provide affordable, rapid, and accurate results. By enabling early pathogen detection, Alveo helps manage global health, food security, and supply chain resiliency by providing actionable insights at lightspeed. Know Sooner, Act Faster™ with Alveo.


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