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Alveo Technologies and Government of Barbados Collaborate to Co-develop Advanced Molecular Disease Diagnostics Across Multiple End Markets

January 5, 2023
Alveo Technologies and Government of Barbados Collaborate to Co-develop Advanced Molecular Disease Diagnostics Across Multiple End Markets

Collaboration supports emergence of Barbados as a life sciences hub in the Caribbean; Accelerates Alveo’s be.well™ platform adoption in new and adjacent markets

Alameda, CA – January 5, 2023 – Alveo Technologies, Inc., (Alveo) a leader in molecular sensing and diagnostics with its proprietary be.well™ technology platform, in its quest to drive earlier detection of pathogens at the point of need, today announced it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (Export Barbados (BIDC)) to co-develop on its novel molecular sensing platform, while contributing to the growth of the life sciences industry in the Caribbean nation.  This partnership further demonstrates Alveo’s open-source platform development strategy with the aim squarely on making its platform universally accessible across many testing modalities.

Alveo has developed a rapid, handheld, portable, and eco-friendly platform that pairs advanced molecular assays with cloud-enabled data analytics for real-time disease, pathogen and contaminant detection, analysis, and diagnosis at point of need.

Export Barbados (BIDC) is the agency of the Government of Barbados with specific responsibility for promoting and facilitating industrial and export development and sits under the umbrella of the Ministry of Industry, Innovation, Science and Technology. As part of its mandate Export Barbados (BIDC) also has responsibility for advancing the life sciences industry of Barbados.

The MOU between Alveo and Export Barbados (BIDC) outlines three initial areas of collaboration:

  • Co-development partners:  Alveo’s be.well™ platform is a point of need molecular diagnostic and sensing platform that utilizes the company’s proprietary and globally patented method for the direct electrical sensing of nucleic acid amplification. Using this highly sensitive and multiplexed molecular testing platform, Barbados’ top scientists and life sciences industry leaders will design new assays in the areas of infectious disease, agriculture, veterinary, food, medicine, and aquaculture testing.
  • Bring the be.well™ COVID test to Barbados: BIDC will spearhead the procurement of  be.well™ COVID tests and analyzers for use in doctor’s offices, laboratories, and other point-of-care settings. The future goal is to have the tests available for use by individuals in every Barbadian home.
  • Refine Alveo’s next-generation be.well™ platforms: Barbados’ life sciences leaders will beta test Alveo’s new high-throughput desktop be.well™ platform, which combines 10 reusable portable analyzers for simultaneous use, designed for higher volume testing in labs and clinics.

“We are thrilled to have come to this mutual agreement with the government of Barbados, and true to our open-source philosophy toward innovation, we look forward to making progress together,” says Alveo CEO Shaun Holt. “Barbados has an emerging life sciences ecosystem with tremendous potential. This collaboration makes highly sensitive molecular testing broadly accessible in Barbados, potentially improving healthcare for individuals, while providing a platform for innovation for the life sciences community.  Our open-source partnering model will tap into Barbados’s deep life science capabilities and rapidly develop additional be.well™ solutions; customers win from the expanded testing library, and Barbados wins from shared revenue and IP ownership.”  

“Many efforts have been underway in recent years to develop Barbados into a biotechnology hub in the Caribbean,” says Mark Hill, CEO of Export Barbados (BIDC). “We are pleased to partner with Alveo Technologies and explore new applications for this exciting molecular diagnostic technology in the life sciences.”

About Alveo

At Alveo we understand the importance of access to cutting-edge molecular testing and cloud-based data analytics for rapid diagnosis and management of infectious diseases and other pathogens. With an initial focus on acute respiratory infections including COVID-19, Flu A/B and RSV, Alveo’s agile and dynamic molecular diagnostic platform, be.well™, can be adapted to detect a wide range of diseases, bacteria, and other pathogens that threaten public health, across all modalities. We believe increased access to real-time test results will transform the way individuals, healthcare providers and public health professionals identify and manage pathogens in humans, animals, plants, water, and beyond. With be.well™, we will Know Sooner, Act Faster™.

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Media Contact:
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