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The be.well™ system is designed to be easy to use to help intercept the spread of infectious diseases by utilizing sophisticated technology with the goal of bringing affordable rapid diagnosis to Everyone, Anytime, Everywhere™.

Introducing be.well™.

Watch how be.well™ brings the laboratory to you.

The System.

The be.well™ system** is designed to enable testing for infectious diseases at home with results in 30 minutes. The system would come with nasal swabs, disposable cartridges, a handheld analyzer and application program compatible with any mobile device. 


be.well™ Swabs

Easy-to-use swabs are designed to take a sample from your nose to insert in the cartridge for testing.

be.well™ Cartridge

By simply inserting your sample, the cartridge is designed to diagnose a positive or negative result. Cartridges are currently being developed for Flu A/B, COVID-19, and RSV.

be.well™ Analyzer

The system is designed so that the cartridge is inserted into the analyzer, and paired to your phone for results within 30 minutes.

The App.

Alveo’s be.well™ app is under development to be the first cloud-enabled, secure, HIPAA compliant application program to be paired with an at-home infectious disease test. be.well™ is designed to connect and empower people, healthcare professionals and treatment providers with the ability to make informed decisions toward personalized interventions and their own well-being.

Log In

Create a secure account on the be.well™ app.

Perform Test

Pair to your mobile device for real-time results within 30 minutes.

Receive Results

Secure test results delivered directly to you, with options to send test results to healthcare providers and anonymously to disease tracking organizations from home.

be.well™ is easy to use.

1.   Download app to mobile device.
2.   Create a secure account.
3.   Pair mobile device with analyzer.
4.   Use swab to sample.
5.   Insert sample into cartridge.
6.   Start the test.

Everyone. Anytime. Everywhere.

This agile system is under development as an affordable easy to use at-home test solution.*

Everyone has the potential to use our test.

The be.well™ test is under development to provide everyone* with sophisticated yet simple to use diagnostics at home. The be.well™ test is designed to make portable diagnoses available to everyone, of every age-group at low cost. The be.well™ platform and its mobile health app are currently under development to test for Flu A/B, COVID-19 and RSV.

Designed to test yourself and others Anytime.

Pandemics illustrate the need for diagnosis even before symptoms occur. The availability of an at-home diagnostic to test yourself and others anytime you choose could help keep everyone healthy and manage the spread of infectious diseases. Such a test would help you Know Sooner, Act Faster™ with confidence in your results to limit the spread of infectious diseases.

be.well™ is designed to work Everywhere.

be.well™ is portable and battery operated for use everywhere. Alveo’s real-time healthcare data system, combined with the be.well™ mobile app, is designed to provide secure test results to your mobile device within 30 minutes. The be.well™ app will have options to send test results to healthcare providers for consultation from home and to share with organizations that track disease hot spots.

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*The be.well system is currently under development to be used by individuals over the age of 18, and for individuals over the age of 18 to perform the test on individuals under 18 years of age.
** The be.well  system is currently under development and has not received clearance, approval, or any other marketing authorization from the U.S. FDA.