Alveo Technologies Announces Partner Program and Portal, New Enablement Software Suite.


The be.well™ System is designed to intercept the spread of infectious diseases by utilizing patented technology to bring molecular diagnostics closer to the point of need, whether at the point-of-care, over the counter, at home, or in the field.

The be.well™ COVID-19 Test

Bring the lab to you with the dynamic molecular sensing and diagnostic technology of be.well™. Watch below for more.

The be.well™ COVID-19 Test is:

  • Portable, connected, and rechargeable
  • Available for point-of-care use
  • A grand prize winner of the XPRIZE Rapid Covid Testing competition
  • Rapid, delivering test results in under 1 hour

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The be.well™ System

The be.well™ System enables testing for infectious diseases at the point of need in under one hour. The components of the be.well™ System include a be.well™ Analyzer, be.well™ Cartridges, be.well™ Assay Buffer, Nasal Swabs, Transfer Pipettes, and the be.well™ Mobile App.


be.well™ Analyzer

The be.well™ Analyzer is portable, palm-sized, rechargeable, and displays results on your mobile device.

be.well™ Cartridge

The single-use be.well™ Cartridge has all of the reagents required for an isothermal amplification reaction.

bewell assay

be.well™ Assay Buffer

Single-use be.well™ Assay Buffer vial.

bewell Swabs

Nasal Swab

Individually packaged Nasal Swab used for midturbinate nasal sample collection.

Transfer Pipette

Single-use, fixed-volume Transfer Pipette used to transfer sample from be.well™ Assay Buffer vial to be.well™ Cartridge.

The be.well™ Mobile App

Alveo’s be.well™ Mobile App is designed to streamline the testing process. Users set up a test, are given step-by-step instructions, and can view and share test results all on their mobile device. All data is stored in a HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant cloud-based server for patient protection.

bewell login screen

Log In

Create a secure account on the be.well™ Mobile App.

bewell test results

Perform Test

Connect your mobile device and be.well™ Analyzer for real-time results in under one hour.

bewell Screen Test

Receive Results

Secure test results delivered directly to you, with the ability to share your results as a PDF.