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Diagnosing the Problem

Alveo’s agile and dynamic be.well™ molecular diagnostic platform can be adapted to detect a wide range of infectious diseases that threaten public health. Access to real-time results transforms the way individuals, healthcare providers, and public health professionals identify and manage treatment and disease outbreaks.

Discovering the Solution

Alveo is leading the transformation of the point-of-need molecular sensing and health tech markets by packaging its patented method for the direct electrical sensing of nucleic acid amplification in a highly efficient, low-cost, eco-friendly design. To maximize impact, Alveo’s cloud-based product platform enables the creation of vast datasets to help track global infectious disease outbreaks and connect individuals with treatments.

bewell Analyzer
bewell Analyzer


Alveo is overcoming the limitations of current molecular diagnostic methods by simplifying the workflow found in traditional PCR tests. No sample extraction is required, and target amplification and real-time detection are contained in single-use be.well™ Cartridges. The be.well™ Cartridge has multiplexing capabilities, allowing multiple targets to be detected in one test.