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Biopharma Leader to Provide Expertise to Develop and Deliver World’s First At-Home Rapid Test for Respiratory Viral Infections

Alameda, CA – May 12, 2020 – Alveo Technologies, a leader in developing novel technologies that enable real-time, low-cost at home molecular detection of infectious disease, including COVID-19, Influenza A and B and RSV, announced today that Dr. Bharat Tewarie has been appointed to its Board of Directors. Dr. Tewarie is an accomplished biopharma executive with a track record of successfully structuring organizations across settings, cultures and geographies for profitable product performance. He will draw on his deep industry knowledge and experience to support Alveo’s mission of bringing affordable and convenient testing of infectious disease to the consumer market to enable faster and more precise interventions and acheive commercial success upon approval and launch.

“Dr. Tewarie is a pioneer in helping consumers best meet their needs so they can be living the life they want,” said Ron Chiareallo, PhD, Chairman, CEO and Founder of Alveo. “There is a global need for infectious disease diagnostics that are rapid, reliable, available in home and designed to help connect individuals to the right kind of care. Dr. Tewarie is helping Alveo address these problems to make our be.well™ platform available to everyone, anytime, and everywhere to help contain epidemics and pandemics and provide for improved outcomes. He is a welcome addition to our Board as he brings us a compelling and impressive worldwide track record in the pharma and biotech industry.”

Dr. Tewarie brings deep expertise in healthcare, medtech, biotech and biopharma to Alveo’s Board of Directors. Dr. Tewarie is a trained medical doctor with an MBA and most recently founded Boston BioPharma Consultants, a US-based advisory firm providing recommendations across the commercialization spectrum to leaders of life science companies. Before founding this advisory firm, he was the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer and member of the Executive Committee of UCB. He currently also serves as a member of the Board of Advisor of Ahara Biosciences and Duluth Medical Technologies.

“I am pleased to join Alveo and accelerate consumer access to help consumers quickly and easily diagnose a range of infectious diseases including COVID-19, Influenza A/B, and RSV from the comfort of their homes in an effort to intercept the spread of infectious diseases,” said Dr. Tewarie. “Today, more than ever, this insight is key to responding quickly to viral epidemics and pandemics. The sooner we know, the faster we can act and make informed decisions for every person’s health. I look forward to working closely with the Alveo team to achieve their vision of bringing the be.well™ platform and its mobile health app, which are currently in development, to everyone, anytime, everywhere. Their be.well™ paltform and its mobile health app are currently under development to test for COVID-19, Influenza A and B and RSV.”

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Alveo is leading the transformation of the consumer health tech market with a low-cost, easy-to- use, at-home diagnostic platform that will change the way infectious diseases are detected and managed. The company’s be.well™ testing system gives individuals access to cutting-edge molecular testing and cloud-based data analytics for rapid diagnosis and management of infectious diseases. With an initial focus on acute respiratory infections, including COVID-19, Influenza A/B and RSV, Alveo’s agile and dynamic diagnostic platform can be adapted to detect a wide range of diseases that threaten public health. Affordable access to real-time, at-home results will transform the way individuals, healthcare providers and public health professionals identify and manage disease outbreaks. With be.well™ , we will know sooner, act faster and make better-informed decisions toward personalized intervention options that benefit individuals and the entire population. To learn more, visit

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